TMJ Splint: The First Step Is Always Tough

Published: 06th April 2011
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It's no new news when we say that having Costen's is no easy breezy deal. Sadly, not a lot of mouth pains are easily chased away. Thank god for the specialist in the field; because of them, we have ways to counter such a disorder. You may be asking how exactly, right? The solution is actually pretty simple. Ask a dentist if you can get fitted with a TMJ splint.

They are kind of like a retainer that's placed on your lower teeth to help in the realignment process. In order to get a feel for it, it is necessary that you wear them for at least twenty four hours a day. And because it can be a tad uncomfortable, you'd want to get used to it. And since it's the basic first step, you need to do this first.

If you're going to wear your TMJ splint, then be sure to note the following. We are clear on the fact that you have to wear them most of the time, right? Good! Since it will be pretty difficult to speak without your words sounding slurred, practicing and talking out loud is a good call. Recite poems, or sing songs, whatever floats your boat as long as you do it out loud.

For your next agenda: eating while having it on. So in order to do these, we must stress that soft diet is what you'll need. If you don't know about what to eat, go for the conventional soups, eggs and some hamburgers. You can also go for oats, porridges, soft cheeses, yogurts or ice cream. As long as you won't be munching on hard things of elastic things, that's good. Avoid nuts too, those are pretty hard.

Don't forget to remove it when washing up. Remember, hygiene is very important. Now, when you do take it off, you'll notice that your back teeth don't meet each other. In fact this is a good sign that they are aligning just well. It's a sign that your jaw muscles are decompressing in order to realign properly, neat huh?

When you want a fitting of TMJ splint, be sure to visit your dentist for it. You may lack the convenience for a while but it does help you tremendously. And besides, no one ever said that giving remedies to a disorder had shortcuts.

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